Fresh Guys




Week of 03/11/2015



  • Fruit update:
    • Blood oranges & pomegranates are winding down and will be week-to-week.
    • Honeycrisp apples are done so we have moved into a Cripps Pink Lady.
    • Seckle & comice pears are done and Forelli pears are winding down quickly.
    • Persimmons are done for the season.
    • We will no longer be stocking Seville oranges or bergamot oranges. If you need these, please give us ½ week lead time.
    • Chilean stone fruits have started, but we usually wait until California comes on in May/June to stock them. Cherries will start in mid-June.
    • Veg update:
      • Ramps should start to become available in the next 2-3 weeks.
      • Morels have started, please inquire on pricing as it changes week-to-week.




English Peas 

Sugar Snap Peas

Snow Peas

Pea Tendrils

Living Pea Shoots

Fava Beans

Green Spring Garlic

White Spring Onions

Organic Red Spring Onions 12ct.

Organic Coke Farms Strawberries 8x1lb

D’anjou Pears 90ct.

Cripps Pink Apples 88ct.

Stinging Nettles (PRE-ORDER REQUIRED)

Miner’s Lettuce (PRE-ORDER REQUIRED)

Wild Spring Onions (PRE-ORDER REQUIRED)

Red Watercress 1.5lb.

Long Beans 5lb.


Organic Greenwheat Freekeh

Organic Tri – Colored Quinoa

Israeli Cous Cous 5lb.

Mushroom, Hedgehog

Mushroom, Black Trumpet